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Deep Tissue Massage

It works by breaking down adhesions, or bands of rigid tissue, that can disrupt a limited range of motion and circulation which can cause pain and inflammation. This can be a slightly more intense therapy and is perfect for when you need that extra release.

Aromatherapy Massage

A form of holistic healing that dates back thousands of years. It is based on the belief that the sense of smell can influence our emotions and have a positive impact on our health. It is often used in conjunction with other styles and a variety of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile oil.

Sports Massage

As gym users and sports players, we put our bodies through a lot of stress. This can lead to pain, inflammation, and reduced range of motion. This mobile therapy helps release muscle tightness, increase blood circulation and stretch muscle fibres getting you ready for you next sporting event or workout.

Swedish Massage

There’s something special about a good massage experience. It can soothe away the stresses of the day, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It is one of the oldest and most popular forms of treatment, and it’s known for its gentle, flowing strokes. Perfect for a more relaxed treatment.

Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists offer the best massage services throughout London and are available to travel to your place of choice.

We at Massage Buddy offer a wide range of therapy styles including deep tissue, classic, four hands, aromatherapy, back & shoulder, sleep, relaxation massage, Lomi, and more.

You can view profiles of all of the therapists, watch an intro video, view pictures, and read reviews before making a selection.

Your chosen London mobile massage therapist will let you know all of the payment details and terms. The two most common options for payment are bank transfer or cash payment but some massage therapist do carry mobile pos systems. As standard home massages are completed on your bed and not on a massage table.

About Us | Massage Buddy London

We are London’s premier mobile massage company. A team of professionals who want to help connect clients connect to skilled mobile therapists all over the city.

Having a relaxing home massage far exceeds travelling to a spa or clinic in so many ways. You know that feeling after a great massage experience of total serenity and relaxation with slightly heavy eyes and then you leave the premises and boom the tensions and stress slowly creep back in. Heavy traffic, honking horns, people shouting and the general hustle and bustle of London city life. With a treatment in your own home you get to relax in your loungewear afterwards, maybe take a nap, get an early night or just basque in the tranquillity that has taken over. Book your mobile therapist today.

Home Massage Pricing London

Mobile massage pricing stated is based on travelling times within zones 1-2 and from 7 am-9 pm. Travel costs may be applied for further destinations. For massages between 9 pm-7 am an additional home massage cost of £30 will be applied in addition to travel costs.

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Massage Therapy


This service has become increasingly popular over the years with good reason. Most people feel more relaxed and at ease in their own home surroundings and when spending money on self-care why wouldn’t you have a therapist visit you in the privacy of your own home?


London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and often makes the top 3 most visited cities list. With a wide variety of hotels to choose from including budget-friendly all the way to super luxury. Most five-star hotels offer spa treatments on the premises but they can be very expensive with set opening hours which is not always ideal if you need massage therapy later in the evening, after a long day of sightseeing, shopping or business meetings. With mobile massage, you can get a chance to bring the spa to your room any time of the day or night. Book your luxury massage today.


People working in the city will know how hard you have to work to make money. Long hours, stressful days, and draining commutes. If you’re in need of a boost a relaxing mobile massage experience could be perfect for you. Maybe between meetings, on a lunch break or to end a hectic day. It is a great way to release stress, re-align your body, re-motivate and prepare for the next work challenge ahead. 

Mobile Massage | Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1-hour massage in London?

The price of a mobile massage varies on the amount of time you need, and the travelling times for the desired therapist. Our 1-hour massage prices start at £65.

Do I need to tip for mobile massage?

You are not required to tip a therapist for home massages but it is a very nice way to show your appreciation for the excellent service they have provided. The amount is totally up to you.

Do mobile therapists provide a massage table?

All treatments are completed on your own bed.  If you require a travel table please check with your chosen massage therapist to see if they can provide this option.

How do you select masseuses?

We have strict criteria when selecting a massage therapist to join the team. We check for relevant industry qualifications, previous work history, and Insurance. We also complete an in-house quality trade test. 

Can I book more than one therapist?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for a couple’s massage or would like the special 4 hands experience you can book a massage with us today.

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