Massage Buddy London FAQ

This is one of the top massage buddy London FAQ. 

Mobile massage therapists in London are available 7 days per week from 7am until 9pm. Some therapists do work in addition between 9pm – 7am . When booking of a specific therapist it is best to check there individual calendars to see what day and time slot they have availability as all therapists set there own personal working days and times.

Our therapists set there own working areas. Typically most massage therapists cover zones 1-2 in London. For Zones 3-6 check with your specific therapist to see if they cover that zone and for any additional travel costs that maybe applicable in addition to the massage price booking.

This is one of the top mobile massage London FAQs. 

All massages as standard are performed on your bed. Most therapists do not carry massage tables.

Each therapist will use their personal favourites when it comes to massage oils. If you have a preference or are allergic to specific products please let your therapist know.

Therapists do not provide towels or sheets as part of a booking. Please supply a flat sheet or towels to cover your bed and towels for personal coverage.

We advise you to wear what ever you feel most comfortable in.

This is one of the top Mobile Massage FAQs. 

Most massage therapists cover zones 1 – 2 between the hours of 7 am – 9 pm in London. £65 – 1hr massage, £90 – 90 minute massage, £110 – 120 minute massage. For zones, 3-6 therapists may ask for an additional travel fee and they will notify you of the cost before a booking is confirmed.

For the hours 9 pm – 7 am an additional cost to the massage of £30 will be applied alongside any travel fees.

Your chosen therapist will advise you of payment details. Typically payment is made via bank transfer or cash. Some therapists do carry mobile payment systems for you to pay by card.
Your massage will be performed on your bed as standard and your therapist will require enough space to walk around three sides of the bed with ease.

Any booking that is cancelled with less than 12 hours’ notice will be charged at full price.

We always advise a hot shower or relaxing bath prior to your massage to help you get in a relaxing mood for your massage.

We advise you don’t eat for 2 hours prior to your massage booking and stay hydrated. We advise against the consumption of alcohol prior to treatment.

Our therapists offer a range of massage styles. Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are the most requested. Other styles such as sports massage, aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage, full body massage, de-stress massage, Thai massage, and oil massage are also very popular choices.

This is one of the common Mobile Massage London FAQs. 

Yes, you can book as many therapists as you like depending on their availability. Four hands massage is a very popular service in London.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer pregnancy massages near you.

Our 1 hour mobile massages start from £70 for zones 1-2 in London between the hours of 7am – 9pm. Additional travel costs may apply outside zones 1 -2. For massages between 9pm – 7am an additional £30 fee will be charged in addition to travel costs.

Tipping your therapist is totally your choice and is not expected as part of booking but is a very nice way to show your appreciation for a great massage.

This comes down to personal preference and budgets. Some clients have 1 – 2 massages per week and others just 1 massage per month. Regular massage has many benefits.

Massage can be very good for pain relief but it will depend on the issue that is causing the pain as to whether it is treatable. We always recommend you share and discuss these issues with your massage therapist prior to treatment.
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