Mobile Massage Treatments in London

We offer a range of mobile massage treatments in London, UK to indulge in from the comfort of your own home, hotel room or space of choice. Our most requested massages are deep tissue massage and Swedish massage but we also offer a number of massage styles to suit your needs such as full body massage, sports massage, aromatherapy massage, relaxing massage, Thai Massage, oil massage, four hands massage, and more. Our massages as standard are completed on your own bed. Most massage therapists in London charge travel fees outside of zones 1-2. For bookings outside of zone 1-2 contact us to discuss the travel fees. Massage prices from 7am -9pm start from £65 per hour. After 9pm an additional £30 will be added to the booking price.

Deep Tissue Massage

Most Popular

The daily grind leaves everyone exhausted. Treat yourself with slow, gentle strokes and go deeper than relaxation. Tapping into controlled finger pressure, our massage therapy will untie the muscle knots to give you the rejuvenation you deserve.

Classic Massage

Gentle, Invigorate

Want to receive world-class classic massage treatments in the comfort of your place? Get an array of services on-demand and save your valuable time and money. Our time-tested therapists come to your doorstep and create a blissful, harmonious atmosphere you’d cherish during the entire session.  

Aromatherapy Massage

Calm, Relax

Aromas quickly take you back into moments of happiness. Unlock the power of fragrances to melt away your stress and connect with your inner self like never before. Our treatment brings the purest form of wellness you’ve always been looking for.

Swedish Massage

Most Popular

The untold serenity of Sweden is waiting. Bring your mind and body in harmony with that serenity and de-stress in no time. We call upon our passionate therapists who rub your body in gliding strokes and unleash the ultimate relaxation.

Sports Massage

Recover, Rejuvenate

Unleash your true potential in the game and get ahead in the competition with this deep, nourishing treatment. From pre-event massage that stimulates inactive muscles to post-event session that reduces inflammation, our team of best-in-class therapists covers it all.

Four Hands Massage

Luxury, Revitalising

The rhythm of four always triumphs over two. Immerse yourself in the synchronous dance of four hands and step into a calming state where nothing feels the same. Redefining the traditional massage methods, this treatment allows you to unwind and recharge at the same time.

London Thai Massage

Tension, Release

Let the spiritual essence of Thailand engulf you with this one-of-a-kind treatment that fuses ancient wisdom with rhythmic movements to revive your strengths. Anxiety, stress, muscle pain, toxins –it will help you let it all go.  

Full Body Oil Massage

Revive, Balance

Essential oils are considered to be Mother Nature’s most effective remedy. Massage your way to wellness with fragrance-filled oils that help you enjoy nature in its truest sense. We take the time to know your needs and choose the oil you’ll love soaking in.

Indian Head Massage

Intense, Relief

A focused, well-cared-for mind is all you need to stay happy. Block the buildup of negative energy in your mind and replace it with a positive strength that fuels tranquillity. Whether you want gentle strokes or deep kneading, we’re here to make your experience memorable.

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